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About The Photographer

My name is James and I'm a photographer based in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. My love affair with wedding photography began in 2008, developed into a long-term relationship quickly, and eventually gave birth to my current business.

I always strive to make you forget that you're in front of a camera, as capturing images that retain a timeless quality while adding a hint of contemporary touch is my ultimate goal.

Meeting and interacting with clients is perhaps my favourite part of the job as the more I get to learn about you, the more successful I will be in capturing what I envision and what you will adore. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing a happy smile on my clients' faces.

At the end of the day however, it's about you. To anybody else, they're simply images that they will gawk and marvel. To you, they're irreplaceable treasures that depict your life history.

Please feel free to contact me to setup a free consultation. I look forward to hearing and meeting you.

- James